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5 Axes Machining Center

  • Features
  • High Rigidity Body Structure Design
  • ▲ Extra wide column and base design to ensure best support and cutting rigidity.
  • ▲ High quality and rugged MEEHANITE® casting maintains optimum accuracy.sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quisquam sapiente dolor, consectetur accusantium tempora beatae at ea rem optio, ratione voluptatibus itaque consequuntur.
  • High Accuracy Axial Movement 
  • ▲ Extra rigid roller type linear guideways applied on the three axes to ensure accurate and smooth axial movement.
  • ▲ Pre-tensioned ball screws with direct drive motors achieve high torque and low backlash.
  • YCM In-house A/C-axis Rotary Table 
  • ▲ ø380 mm (ø14.96") table size with ø80 mm (ø3.15") table-through hole design.
  • ▲ 150˚(+30˚ / -120˚) A-axis tilting angle increases the ability of machining capabilities.
  • ▲ A/C-axis rotary encoder is standard
  • ▲ Cable preparation for hydraulic / pneumatic fixtures is optional.
  • High Stability Tool Magazine
  • ▲ The ATC Unit is controlled by an Inverter which prevents tool change speed from varying under different power supply frequency's.
  • ▲ Includes standard programming for heavy tools.
  • YCM In-house Design IDD Spindle
  • ▲ YCM self-manufactured IDD spindle
  • ▲ Powerful 22 kW, 12,000 rpm spindle for hi-power, hi-speed machining
  • ▲ Cooling system design on spindle motor seat, quill, and bearing offers most reliable machining capability

AL-ESRA Commercial & Industrial Services Corp.


Al-Manakh IndustrialArea
Al-Kharj New Road,
Exit 18
Riyadh - K.S.A.

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