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SuperMax YCM

DCV-Series Double Column Vertical Machining Center

  • Features
  • The NDC series is suitable for long workpiece machining. Multi-face machining could also be performed with the adoption of the 90°Angle head which changes automatically. The NDC-AHC can be used for machining applications such as large-scale castings, structural parts and semiconductor chamber components
  • High Rigidity 90°Angle Head 
  • ▲ Self-manufactured gearbox provides high torque for both vertical and horizontal machining
  • ▲ High rigidity octagonal milling head design
  • ▲ Quiet precision grounded bevel gear, adopts oil-mist lubrication to reduce heat
  • ▲ Large diameter toothed clutches provide high machining stability, precision and rigidity
  • ▲ 4 independent pull studs with high clamping force
  • ▲ 90°angle head anti-drop safety mechanism
  • ▲ Coolant through spindle (CTS) optional for both vertical / 90°angle head (opt.) it amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quisquam sapiente dolor, consectetur accusantium tempora beatae at ea rem optio, ratione voluptatibus itaque consequuntur.
  • Reliable AHC Vertical / Horizontal Automatic Tool Change
  • ▲ Rotary head chamber design reduces space and provides rapid head change
  • ▲ Automatic vertical / horizontal head change mechanism
  • ▲ Reduce time for both fixture producing and workpiece installation, improving production efficiency
  • ▲ Multi-face machining in one step increases machining efficiency and precision
  • ▲ Vertical / Horizontal tool change system provides fast tool change, sensors and sequence scanning ensures tool change stability .

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