Angle Head

Wide range of Angle Head from the leading tools manufacturer in Taiwan “Hold Well Industrial Co., Ltd.” who has more than 25 years experience in world market.

The main types of Angle Head are :

-90° Angle Head

-Modular Angle Head

-Universal Angle Head



BT40-ER32 90° Angle Head (AHA Type)
◎ Run-out:0.002 mm
◎ Material:Ductile Cast Iron
◎ R.P.M.:Max. 6000 RPM
◎ Torque : Max. 50 Nm
◎ Drilling : Max. 18 mm
◎ Tapping : Max. M14
◎ Gear Ratio:1:0.81
◎ Standard Accessory:Hook Spanner, ER Wrench, ER Nut
◎ Output Rotation : Reverse to Input Rotation



◎ The body is made of Ductile Cast Iron.
◎ High strength steel; stable machining.
◎ Wide selections of tool shanks. The design of ER32, ER40, and FA25.4 heads ensures various applications.
◎ Suitable for light and middle cutting.


◎ BT40-ER25 Universal Angle Head (AHG Type)
◎ Run-out:0.002 mm
◎ Material:Alloy Steel & Ductile Cast Iron
◎ R.P.M.:Max. 4000 RPM
◎ Torque : Max. 20 Nm
◎ Drilling : Max. 14mm
◎ Tapping : Max. M10
◎ Gear Ratio:1:1
◎ Standard Accessory:Open End Wrench, ER Wrench, ER Nut
◎ Output Rotation:Reverse to Input Rotation



◎ Cutting angle can be set from 0 to +-90 degree for various applications.
◎ Compact design provides extra strength, oil-proof, dust-proof, and duration.

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