Hand Taps

Hand taps set

  • Hand taps with Thread M and MF, BSW and BSF, G, UNC and UNF, UN, Rc, UNEF, PG, NPT
  • 6H, 6HX and 2B tolerances
  • For blind and through holes
  • Suitable for these materials: soft magnetic steels, construction and cement steels, and non-alloy and alloy carbon steels up to a resistance of 1,400N / mm2, stainless steels, copper and brass


Technical Features:

  • Cobalt High Speed Steel HSSE
  • Tolerance 6HX
  • Through holes
  • TIN coatin

Soft Magnetic Steels, Construction and Cementation Steels, and Non-Alloyed and Alloyed Carbon Steels up to 1100N / mm2 Strength,

CodeØ (mm)L (mm)l (mm)  
23140003005M3.00x0.504011a 2.701 
23140004007M4.00x0.704513a 3.401 
23140005008M5.00x0.805016a 4.901 
23140006010M6.00x1.005019a 4.901 
23140008012M8.00x1.255622a 4.901 
23140010015M10.00x1.507024a 5.501 
23140012017M12.00x1.757529a 7.001 
23140014020M14.00x2.008030a 9.001 
23140016020M16.00x2.008032a 9.001 

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